Cash App: Send & Receive Money App Reviews

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Great app. Easy for business or personal. No fees so far. Very pleased.


This app is super useful and is intuitive to use. Love it so much!


It is a very user friendly app, and I was super excited to use it at first. But after a few transactions it started charging me 2.75% fee!

Super! FREE for Friends

Super! FREE for Friends, Family and whoever. Invite your friends and get $

Its very okay

I feel better using a bank app. The promo offers never work

Amazing app! Love it!

The people who say this app is terrible are idiots. Ive never once had an issue with it. The only reason it would EVER take 1-2 days is if they need to verify info for your own protection. Any other money transfer company would do the same. Ive received 500 no problem. Sometimes it will say itll be available shortly and then an hour or 2 later its available in my cash drawer and Im able to instantly deposit it into my account. This app is amazing. It really is instant most of the time. Only time it isnt is generally when its a large amount. Which Im sure is for security purposes. I use it all the time. Super convenient! Thanks!

One of my favorite apps - thanks for improving!

I wrote a critical review some time ago complaining that the app suddenly made you select between credit and debit every single time you pay someone, even if you only had one card on file, which added an unnecessary extra step to the payment process. I am happy to say that they have removed that horrible step and the app is back to only requiring 3 taps to send your money - enter the amount, choose the person, and hit Pay! Bravo, Cash! Well done!!!

$5 transfer code: SPBGGJW

This is a great app that works every time and so easy to use! Just use code SPBGGJW and you will get $5 for sending $50 to a friend. There are no fees and your information is secure. Its simple to set up and the money is available almost instantly. Ive been using it and find that it is a perfect and super fast way to send money to anyone instead of with the fee monster that is PayPal. Try it and see!


Quick and easy way to send money to someone that is available asap.

Love this app!

Super easy to use.

So fast, convenient

Splitting a dinner bill and dont have cash money? Cash App is your best friend. I also have a few things friends pay me for each month. This makes it so easy to keep track of whos paid and who still owes and its so quick. When I owe people money and Im not seeing them for a while I can just say "hey download this app real quick and Ill send it to you right now.." They get paid now and I get to forget about it. Amazing.


Will not let me send cash from my account.

Awesome app

I love this app for my family, it saves me from going to the bank

Great App

Its fast and convenient. If I can I would give it more than 5 stars.


Cash app is awesome! We use often to transfer to different personal account with no charge! Thanks cash app for saving me money!!

Super easy

I love this app for the little stuff, idk if I would use it to obviously transfer thousands of dollars or any large amount, I see its use for when someone does a favor for you and you send the cost quick and easy. Or if you forgot your wallet at dinner and someone pays for you, you can transfer the damage to them so they arent out on money.

Simple is just that!

I have only used it twice so I would say 4 out of 5 just in case but it has been very easy to accept funds. Love it!

I have used the app only twice but has worked great. Easy to sign up and so far so good.


I love this app

This is just cool

My sons daycare needed to be paid, and I forgot my checkbook. I downloaded the app and send a payment right away. I love technology. What a great time to be alive. This app is pretty amazing

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