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Super easy to use for personal use, and I am friends with people who use it for business use, super effective and useful. Would recommend 10/10

Really convenient

I love ease and this is easy!

Fantastic app!

This app is very easy to use and I have not experienced any issues so far with transferring or receiving money from friends/family. Way easier than PayPal and an easy sign up process!

Love this app

Easy to use and safe ❤️


No fuss. Simple. To the point.

Most convenient app ever.

Its non-intrusive, doesnt ask me questions I dont know why Im answering, and its instant. Once you take a minute to set it up, youll rarely even be in the app for more than a few seconds at a time, its all brilliantly simplified. I adore it!

Hands down the easiest way to send and receive money!

Cash is hands down the easiest way to send and receive money. Sooo much easier than PayPal and without the nasty fees! Cash is perfect for small service businesses, paying a friend back for lunch or any simple transaction between two people.

So fast and easy!!

Love this service! One of my tenants was out if town and needed to pay his rent on time, I told him about Square Cash VOILA!! I had the rent on time!!


Very Reliable

Fast and simple

Very quick and user friendly. Though, I am not sure how secured the transactions that is being processed here.

Not a good experience!

So I tried to send some money to my niece. Didnt work out so well. The transaction was canceled after several hours and the money was "returned for my protection". Except its not really returned. I have to wait 1-2 days for my money back! Thats not acceptable. So now my niece doesnt have the babysitting money I owe her and I dont have my money either! Not very happy. Update: It has now been four days and I dont havent gotten my money back. Bank still shows pending transaction for the amount I tried to send. Maybe this app will work fine for you. But keep in mind, if youre trying to make a mission critical payment with money you cant afford to be without its possible this app will FAIL!

So Easy and Convenient

This is a perfect way to put money into our kids account immediately!!

Convenient and Trustworhty

I have recommend this app to my family and friends, and it has literally saved me time from going to the bank or ATM. Great, easy way to pay back people and receive money within seconds.


This app is a must have...

So convenient

Extremely helpful!!! I love this app

life Saver!!!

My younger brother went out to eat and my mom was unable to transfer him money at the time, And she was in another town hours away so she couldnt go give it to him. I suddenly remembered this app and the money was sent and received instantly!! Saved my bro from possibly having to dine and dash?! Lol. Really an AMAZING tool!!

Incredible from day one

Have been using this app since its "re-launch" and not a single time has it failed me. Whether its been for casual use or critical now-or-never situations, this service has come through always. Thanks, Square!

Love love love

Best app for sending cash no fees. Love it! Sorry western union!

Love this App!

I use this with all my girlfriends for all the little helpful purchases that we make for each other at the grocery store - movies - splitting checks etc! Its the absolute best!

HORRIBLE customer Service

Cash automatically upgraded my free personal account--which I used to get my sisters half of the rent and my parents portion of our family cell phone bill--to a Business account with fees because, "We found use consistent with Cash for business under the Square’s Terms of Service." I emailed their support to get this resolved. After a week and a half worth of emails back and forth, they refused to tell me why my account was upgraded and refused to reverse the upgrade. When I asked how Im supposed to know what transactions are acceptable for personal use since they refused to answer my question (clearly our definitions of personal use dont align), they responded with: "We will not be able to answer your question, and all we can do is merge your accounts so you have the opportunity to sign up for an account strictly for personal, friends and family payments. We’re constantly working to improve our products and services based on the feedback and questions we receive from customers. I’ll be sure to share this with the appropriate team. This will be the last email we will respond in regards to this topic. Feel free to let us know if there is anything else. Ryder Square Support​"

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